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This page is dedicated to all those who have helped lift SAFE from a reasonable nothing, to a reasonable something. Thanks everyone!

Hauke Johannknecht and Hans Huebner
These guys kindly donated a server, and much bandwidth for the cause. Without them, this project wouldn't have been able to take it's second step. Ever helpful and understanding, even during the first clumsy week of the project :)

Lorenz Bateman
He puts up with my constant "Loz help me with my perl please!" far too much! Perl guru (more guru than me at least!), and general nice guy. He designed the orignal scripts to get emails sent out to address owners. Thank you for stage two!

Alaric Snell
General programing and Unix wizard who helps and tolerates me a great deal, much more than anyone should have to. Many things for all the help Alaric!

Shashi Dookee
A brilliant coder and sysadmin, helped develop version two of our notifier client, which streamlined notifications, database lookups, and improved overall efficiency. This even went so far as to clearly outline those who don't have valid contact details for notifications so that we can ring them personally!

Everyone who has emailed me their support and good wishes, and all those admins who have agreed to let me continue pinging their network once a week in case an unknown Smurf Amplifier is uncovered!