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This site is designed to provide a simple search method to the Smurf Amplifier Finding Executive (SAFE)'s current amplifier list.

This project has only just begun, so the things it can do are limited. To search the database, enter the first two or three octects of your IP address. This is doing nothing fancier than a grep of the database!
Our scans are done on /27 network boundries, on all address space allocated to RIPE.
This data should normally never be more than 1 week out of data.

But the last scan took place a while ago ;-)
We're currently looking for a way to automate almost all of the SAFE operations. This will allow us to spend more time answering queries from sysadmins. Time is unfortunately limited, but we shall overcome!

Due to the overwhelming number of emails we are currently recieving (all good!), it can take some time for us to reply. If you have any questions, please read our FAQ. It answer most common questions. If you still have any more questions, please drop us a mail (address at the bottom!).

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  • Search the SAFE Open Amps database
    // // Address //
  • "; // // include("search.php"); // //echo "

    The current list of open amplifiers can be downloaded here: // openamps.txt.gz
    "; // //echo "

    ?> If you would like to help us in finding more smurf amplifiers, Please drop an email to: